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Vector Graphics Software


Vectornator is the perfect vector graphics software to easily integrate into any workplace. Our software offers cross-platform functionality (iPad, iPhone, Mac) without compromising on power or quality. Vectornator is compatible with all pre-existing .AI, .svg and .PDF project files as well as allow easy switching between Desktop and Mobile.

Plus, our Real-Time Collaboration feature – coming soon – will enable designers to collaborate and work together simultaneously on one file.

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Work on complex projects with million of paths

Built with performance in mind

Import existing projects
.ai .svg .pdf
Design and Art in one tool
coming soon
macOS + iPadOS + iOS
Work from anywhere the way you like it


Designers are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest tools to enhance their workflow and making their design process faster, better and more productive.

Vectornator aims to reimagine what vector graphics software should look like and do. Our team strives to build the next generation of design tools that meet the needs of designers in offices and freelancers alike. Our commitment to this vision is reflected by the fact that we developed our own logo, icons and marketing designs using Vectornator! You will find all high-performance tools and features packed into our vector graphics software. Most importantly, we work closely with the community on building requested features and constantly making Vectornator better.

Work from anywhere

Vectornator on Mac and iPad

Import existing projects ..svg ..pdf
Design and Art in one tool


Vectornator is a great vector graphics software to teach Graphic Design. Our easy-to-use user interface enables a fast learning curve for new users. It is the perfect environment to learn the basics of Boolean operations, Blend modes, Shapes, managing nodes, and other amazing features. For example, teachers can easily prepare Vectornator files and share them with students.

Later this year, teachers will be able to share simultaneously with students using the Real-time Collaboration feature. There is also plenty of room for students to have fun, explore, make mistakes and grow with our software.

Work from anywhere

Vectornator on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Plenty of Tutorials makes you a Pro


Our intuitive and user-friendly interface appeals to newcomers by being a straight-forward yet powerful tool.

With Vectornator, it is incredibly easy for beginners to start drawing beautiful designs very quickly. You can create anything that you may imagine and when it comes to editing and visualization, well, the sky is the limit!

Work from anywhere

Vectornator on mobile

Import existing projects
.ai .svg .pdf
Design and Art in one tool


Changes on the fly

Auto Trace


The most crucial tool for any vector editor has always been the pen tool. Design your next masterpiece today by seamlessly creating precise paths and anchor points to develop sharp edges or beautiful curves.

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