Change History
New update release notes (3.0)

When we launched Vectornator, we brought the power of vector graphic design to you. We are proud to announce the design tool of tomorrow. Meet Vectornator X.

Starting today, you will find an interface that makes your workflow much faster thanks to our brand new card-based interface. Navigation has never been more intuitive.

Take the next step and explore the full range of your screen by letting the interface magically disappear.

Imagine no more perpetual workflows of manually tracing images. With our new machine learning-based auto trace technology, your images can be converted into vectors with a single press. Yes, it's that easy.

We're also bringing artboards to Vectornator, making it extremely easy for you to create the most advanced webpages, interface designs, or complex layouts.

For the first time, you can also sync your documents across multiple devices automatically.

Did we mention that you can work with your iPad and Mac soon?

Yes, later this year, we will take collaboration to a new level by allowing you to work on the same document with the first real-time sync between iPad and Mac. All of this is also coming to you — this Fall.

Vectornator X is a leap in technology and design that you will love as much as we do.

Go ahead, unleash your creativity, and create the impossible.

Only in Vectornator X – the design tool of tomorrow.

  • Image Rendering
  • Image Cropping
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Vectornator Cloud with 2TB