About us

Indeed. We invented Vectornator. We built it. And we're running it.

Marc Zacherl and Vladimir Danila looking at their devices and smiling, in the way you do to look business wih Vectornator

Vladimir Danila

Co-Founder, Head of Technology

At the beginning of 2010, just seven years ago, he started development of Vectornator and laid the foundations for the company. With elaborate algorithms he created a product that leaves the competition in the dust. Today, the 18-year-old high school student is already looking back on a series of remarkable experiences and successes. In 2015, among only a few students worldwide, Vladimir became eligible to enter the Microsoft Student Partner Program (a program intended for college and university students) and received the Special Achievement Award in 2016. Vladimir Danila speaks at conferences on iOS and Swift topics regularly, even organizing his own conference, SPADC, at the age of 16. Topics like artificial intelligence keep him up at night and interest the young developer like nothing else.

Marc Zacherl

Co-Founder, Head of Operations

Since the beginning, he has enthusiastically supported the launch of the start-up and helps to make the Vectornator successful. His goal is to establish the business, launch the software and make it accessible to a wide audience. He works hard and loves the latest technologies; he wants to inspire people with Vectornator. Marc has a wealth of professional experience and proven expertise in long-term project management, marketing and sales, and IT development in various programming languages. Thanks to his experience abroad he is well-known internationally. The Linearity co-founder regularly publishes articles in well-known magazines, speaks at conferences, holds workshops, and is a visiting lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe. Marc Zacherl graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Master in Science.