About Linearity
Linearity GmbH is a Karlsruhe Germany based company behind Vectornator, an advanced vector design app that unlocks the power of vector graphics for everyone. Vectornator transforms your iPad and iPhone into a professional creative tool that enables you to create high quality illustrations anywhere you go. With its powerful tools, deep integrations and intuitive user interface it enables you to create pretty much anything you can imagine.

Meet the Vectornator team

Vladimir Danila
Ralph Theodori
Design Director
Elias Groll
Chief Technology officer
Kenn Shinabery
Marketing Director
A creative from New York City that has been living in Germany since 2012. Prior to relocating to Europe he worked in film, television and advertising in production management and as a creative. Since relocating, he has worked with the marketing and public relations teams at companies such as Adobe and Wacom. Kenn has been a keynote speaker across conferences.
Omar Abdelaziz
iOS Engineer Intern
Anna D'addario
Design Intern