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Vectornator X takes vector graphic design to the next level. Create sophisticated illustrations, beautiful designs, amazing layouts — all in one super powerful tool.

80,000+ icons

Say goodbye to high fees for premium icons. With Vectornator, you can instantly access thousands of icons for free to enhance any project you may be working on.

Powerful Tools to match your creativity.

The most crucial tool for any vector editor has always been the pen tool. Design your next masterpiece today by seamlessly creating precise paths and anchor points to develop sharp edges or beautiful curves.

Vectornator allows you to alter any tool properties even after placing a path in the correct position. Simply drag the sliders to instantly see the changes to your work. It doesn’t get more intuitive than that.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. With Vectornator, you have the power to tweak details even at the micro-level to ensure high quality work. Design the best graphics by focussing in on changing the corner radius of any individual actor point.

Gain full control over your text's line height, kerning, tracking and more. Convert your text to curves or attach them to a path. You can even import your own custom fonts.

Moving objects precisely on a touch screen can be tough. Not anymore. With Vectornator’s dedicated joystick controls, you can now easily move your object by point. You can also insert direct values with the built-in keypad.

Breathtaking interface designs.

We built Vectornator from the ground up to be a powerhouse for art creation. With Artboards, Individual layer export, User Gallery and Iconator, Vectornator will be the home for all your Interface mockups and creations.

Spectacular Layouts.

Creating amazing layouts on the go has never been easier. Drag in a few guides and turn on the grid for a better overview. Start designing your next company logo, brochure, marketing content, blockbuster movie poster or whatever else your heart desires.

Coming Soon.

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Vectornator Pro on Mac

Vectornator is a powerhouse that is already loved by iPad users. However, we know that users would like to experience the same with a larger screen and mouse. Well, we listened to you and are now have released Vectornator for Mac. Download to try it out now!

Real Time Collaboration

Work more efficiently across teams without worrying about sending, merging and keeping track of different file versions. Everyone on your team can work on the same design simultaneously in a user-friendly manner. It truly works like magic. Need to share a design with a client? Simply click on the share button to invite them to view the work via the link. They’ll be able to seamlessly add comments and provide feedback for you to see right on Vectornator.


“I was looking for an app to help me produce vector drawings and specifically with a pen tool; I tried a bunch including Adobe Draw, Procreate and others, but none that would do what I needed them to do or what I would expect a vector drawing app should be able to do. Vectornator is amazing and is exactly what I was looking for.”

App Store Review

“You can create almost anything with remarkable ease. They've really thought about simplicity of workflow. For example, if you draw a rough shape and then go in to perfect it, you can use the Apple Pencil to drag path points around and double click them to create curves, all without touching any buttons; it's incredibly intuitive. Try that on Graphic, which makes you constantly back and forth with different tools and subtools; Vectornator is a different league entirely. The simplicity of this app makes it a real pleasure to use.”

App Store Review

“This app is ridiculously underpriced for the power it gives you on the go. Between Vectornator and Procreate, I’m almost replicating my two mainstays in the Adobe Suite.”

App Store Review

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